ESD Safe/Electronics Vacuums ESD Safe Vacuums
The Most Powerful, Quiet and Safest ESD Vacuum Available

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IPM Pest Control Vacuums
The Safest, Portable Vacuum To Use When Eradicating Pests

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IPM/Pest Control Vacuums
Canister Vacuums Canister Vacuums
These New HEPA Filtered Vacuums Are Easy To Use, Highly Portable, Powerful and Cost Effective

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Abatement Vacuums for EPA or RRP
Atrix Fine Filtered HEPA Abatement Vacuums Are Safe, Quiet, and Portable. Ideal For Hazardous Waste Removal.

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RRP Compliant HEPA Vacuums
Commercial Vacuums New Generation Battery Vacuum
Provides 55 Minutes Run Time At Full Power For HEPA Cleaning Where 110 Volt Power Is Not Available.

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New 110 Volt, 230 Volt, And Avionic Corded Backpack Vacuums
Powerful With HEPA Filtration, Light Weight, and Quiet Operation.

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Backpack Vacuums

Welcome to Atrix International
The Leader in Industrial & Commercial HEPA Vacuum Cleaners

Atrix International, Inc. is a premier manufacturer of vacuums and filters. Types include...HEPA vacuums; ULPA vacuums; Electronic vacuums; Healthcare and MRI vacuums; Toner vacuums; Office vacuums; Clean Room vacuums; Integrated Pest Management (Bug) vacuums; Backpack vacuums and a Pet Grooming vacuum.

In addition, Atrix stocks and distributes ESD products, wrist bands, coil cords, matting, tools, tool kits, instrumentation and cleaning supplies for the computer, medical and telecommunications industries.

NEW - Forensic Trace Evidence Vacuum (220 Volt Motor available)
NEW - Three new models of the Omega Supreme Plus ESD Safe vacuums
NEW - Sidewinder Bristle brush added to Omega, Canister and Backpack Accessories
NEW - Sidewinder floor tool demonstrated on the Red Backpack
NEW - Sidewinder floor tool for the Green Supreme vacuum
NEW - Atrix Product Video Library
NEW - Aviation Backpack Vacuum
NEW - BackPack Carrying Bag
NEW - Safety Feature Added on Omega Series Fine Filtration Vacuum Line.
NEW - Lil' Red, Variable Speed, HEPA Filtered Canister Vacuum
NEW - Atrix Battery Powered Backpack Vacuum
NEW - Atrix Canister Vacuum
Why Choose Atrix?

lil red floor use profile home antimicrobial vacuum home Battery Backpack Vacuum

The Atrix Lil' Red HEPA Vacuum

The Antimicrobial Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The Next Generation of Battery Powered Vacuums!


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